About Me


I love simplifying and solving problems.

I love creating/building stuff that stands the test of time or draws on age-old wisdom.I want to write, build platforms/companies or help scale them.

This means not doing a lot of things as well and I’m okay with that.

I didn’t go to college.When I first got introduced to writing code with no prior training, I was determined to be very good at it, well aware that many a folks did not get the opportunity I did.

I was obsessed with being a great technologist and immersed myself into understanding the full-stack, back when it was not called so.Early on, in my teens, I questioned life and it’s meaning, amongst other things just like any other kid. Except the questions stayed and kept disintegrating into many others - I continue to seek answers. Which is why I have read far more non-fiction, if you look at the list of books I recommend.